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Wire Loop Conveyor Belt

Wire Loop Conveyor Belt have extra large openings and are very well suited to coating processes such as chocolate covering, egg glazing, breading and other applications in which the product should have as little contact with the conveyor belt as possible. This means it is especially suitable for light products. The small radius on there verse means a good product transfer. Wire loop conveyor belt are flexible in terms of use and specifications. Qinghe also supplies 90 degree conveyor curves in various sizes as well as separate belts.


Diverse combinations of pitch, wire diameter, mesh length and side finishing create a wide range of fit-to-purpose wire mesh belts.

Standard S Side

Double Bend Z Side

Wire Loop conveyor belts are driven by sprockets or discs of plastic or stainless steel or by a friction drive with a rubber-coated drum over the full width of the belt. These drives and turning wheels are developed and produced by Qinghe for wire mesh belts and are intended to guarantee an optimal uninterrupted run.

Conveyor Belt With Drive

Conveyor Belt Plastic

Conveyor Belt With Drive

Conveyor Belt With Drive

Wire Loop conveyor belts can be equipped with integrated flights or tips, or levels for fixed product spacing. The belt can be made endless simply by pinching shut a connector or by weaving in a pre-bent wire.

Wire Loop Conveyor Belts Connectors

Wire Loop Conveyor Belts Connectors

Wire Loop Conveyor Belt Mesh Designation

Making the following specifications clear in your inquiry will greatly help you get a fast and accurate pricing:

A – B – C – D
Style – spiral pitch – mesh length – wire gauge

A. WL indicates the Mesh Style is Wire Loop conveyor belt.
B. Indicates spiral pitch (see 1 on above drawing, range from 3.8 to 28mm)
C. Indicates mesh length size (see 3 on above drawing, range from 25 to 150mm)
D. Indicates the wire gauge. (See 2 on above drawing, range from 0.9-2.8mm)

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